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Sibelius 7 Music Notation Essentials

Buy my book! Or at least get a good taste of it here.

Naturally I'd love you to buy my rather fabulous book. Weighing in at some 480 pages (or quite a few kilobytes if you're downloading an eBook version), it takes you through all of the essential skills you need to engrave scores in Sibelius 7. There's a CD-Rom included with all of the resources you need for 5 projects (consider it project based learning), and videos to guide you through every section of each project if you don't like reading books all that much.

Heck, I should make a video telling you about what the projects include...

Trying out the course for free

If you're not sure whether the book is worth the investment, why not try it out by using the online resources that support the course? To do that, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit this page of the Cengage website and download all of the resources used in the course - free of charge.
  • Save the downloaded folders into your Scores folder, which is installed in your (My) Documents folder by default, so they're in the same place as you'd be instructed to save them in the book.
  • Next visit the videos page to learn by watching the videos instead of reading the book. Note that while the videos may look small on the webpage, they're hi-res, and so you can make them full screen and see all of the detail you need. They're also formatted to suit all operating systems, including tablet computers like iPads, so if you have multiple devices you can have the videos on one while you work on Sibelius with the other.

You can actually complete the basics of the entire course with these online resources. Of course, I'm rather hoping that by the time you've completed the first few, you'll be so impressed with the quality and ease of use that you'll decide to buy the book anyway - I've put links over to the right. And if you're thinking "why would I buy the book if I can do the course online for free", you'll be pleased to know that while the videos take you through most stages of the book, there is much, much more contained in the book. Full of hints, shortcut lists, quotes from industry experts and extension/revision tasks and tests, the book is beautifully printed in full colour and something I'm very, very proud of.

I hope you enjoy it.

Cover of my book

In Australia? Support local business and get the book quickly at Music EDnet or Binary Music.

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